Become a WIL Host Organisation

What is Work Integrated Learning?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at UNSW refers to student work learning experiences that are supported by the university with professional development and reflective practice, to enhance the student experience and employment outcomes.

Our WIL experiences are designed to create distinguished, work-ready graduates.

What We Do

  • Design authentic work learning experiences, aligned to program learning outcomes in conjunction with partner organisations.
  • Prepare students for WIL experiences.
  • Ensure that WIL agreements and insurances are in place with all stakeholders.
  • Define, document and communicate roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • Manage quality assurance of WIL experiences.
  • Support employers as required e.g. provide tools, resources, materials, frameworks, recruit and select students etc.
  • Assess student learning outcomes throughout WIL experiences

What We Need from You

  • Input into the design of a WIL experience to ensure your needs and requirements are met.
  • Sign a WIL agreement outlining agreed expectations, requirements and roles and responsibilities.
  • If the hosting student(s) provide a fit for purpose workplace and a thorough orientation.
  • Provide an appropriate level of supervision and support to student(s) throughout the WIL experience
    e.g. This could range from remote mentoring to full-time management in the workplace.
  • Provide end of activity feedback on the student’s performance in the workplace.

Benefits for Host Organisations

  • Create a new recruitment pathway and gain earlier access to talent
  • Obtain additional resources when you need them most
  • Acquire fresh ideas and approaches from our motivated and enthusiastic students
  • Deepen university partnership
  • WIL as an opportunity to contribute to your industry, and the communities you serve

Why Should You Partner with Us?

  • UNSW attracts more high achieving students than any other university in NSW, and with UNSW3+ you can access them all year round, from a range of different disciplines with different skill sets, to meet the evolving needs of your business.
  • Our WIL programs are designed to prepare students for workplace experiences, providing them with essential professional skills prior to placements, so that they hit the ground running and transition to the work environment more effectively.
  • We work with employers to develop WIL experiences tailored to their professional needs and provide tools and resources to optimise the experience and maximise the benefits for all stakeholders.
  • We have aligned our WIL experiences with the national standards set out by TEQSA and Fair Work Australia to ensure a greater quality of experience for all involved.