Professional Experience

Through careful observation and supervised teaching, Professional Experience enables pre-service teachers to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to plan for and manage successful classrooms. It aims to develop a strong commitment, enthusiasm and respect for the teaching profession and encourages pre-service teachers to engage with the broader community.

Professional Experience is undertaken in a variety of secondary school settings, as required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), ensuring a diverse range of experiences in year levels and subjects taught, educational sectors (DET, independent, Catholic and other denominations), geographical location (inner city, outer suburbs, rural), and socio-economic profile of the school.

Professional Experience begins with 3 days of observation followed by a specified number of days of teaching experience. Observation of lessons enables pre-service teachers to see various teaching styles and strategies and to get to know the school and the students he/she will teach. By observing teachers of these classes, the pre-service teacher will become familiar with the management, planning and sequencing of lessons in those classes. During this period, pre-service teachers should also gain an understanding of the range of activities that occurs both inside and outside the classroom, and the roles of the teaching and non-teaching staff within the school. Observation of lessons must continue throughout Professional Experience after the formal observation period is complete.

Professional Experience Handbook

For more detailed information, download the Professional Experience Handbook (PDF).

Professional Experience dates for 2020

Secondary Teaching:

EDST6760 (PE1): 1st June – 26th June 2020
EDST6765 (PE2): 12th October – 11th December 2019

Primary Teaching:

EDST6760 (PE1): 1st June – 26th June 2020
EDST6765 (PE2): School Term 1 in 2021 (dates TBC)

Online Placement System 

Once you have enrolled in your professional experience courses (EDST6760 and EDST6765), you will receive confirmation that you can log in to the Professional Experience Online Placement System (OPS).

For all matters relating to your professional experience placement please contact: 
Work Integrated Learning Unit 
Faculty of Arts & Social Science 
T: +61 (2) 9385 9388 

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