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Tackle the big issues facing the world today, make sense of complexity and be rewarded by channelling your passion into action. Deep thinking across broad subject matter will feed your whole mind, with a hands on approach to impact societies and communities.

Choosing a degree in arts, humanities, education or social sciences is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be interested in thinking critically about the nature of change, its context, origins and future, and the part you wish to play in it. To kick-start your higher education, explore our internationally-renowned range of undergraduate degrees.

Are you passionate about your area of study? Honours is your opportunity to generate new knowledge and understanding for current and future generations. We offer one-year, full-time advanced undergraduate honours degrees for high-achieving students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant program at UNSW or another, recognised institution.

At UNSW, we’ve designed our postgraduate programs with you in mind. We have a proud tradition of producing high calibre graduates who are innovative thinkers and professional frontrunners in contemporary arts, humanities, education and social sciences. Our postgraduate programs are taught by leading academic staff in a supportive and vibrant environment.

Our Postgraduate Research programs have some of the best completion rates for higher degree research in Australia, demonstrating our excellence in research supervision. As one of our PhD, Masters or MPhil students, you'll be part of a leading community of academics and an outstanding cohort of students.

Our Research

We lead research in the humanities, social sciences, education and the creative and performing arts. Our scholars are working at the cutting edge of their fields, spanning traditional subject areas from philosophy to history and emerging fields of research from development studies to environmental humanities.

We have a community of over 6,000 students, more than 45,000 alumni and nearly 400 permanent staff. However, our community extends further beyond the classroom. From school and community organisations to a worldwide network of industry and university partnerships, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences work to improve lives through research and education.

Our Research Centres and Initiatives unite our leading interdisciplinary knowledge spanning across our various schools and faculties. Together, our researchers look to understand the world around us and enhance the lives of local and global communities.

Our research projects span across each of our Schools and combine the knowledge and expertise of our academics in partnership with other education institutes and government and non-government organisations. Each project looks to uncover new knowledge and bring to light a specific issue, theory, event and more. 

Find a Research Supervisor specialising in your area of interest. Our world-class academics are here to support you through your Postgraduate journey.

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