Scholarships, Prizes & Awards

Recognising Student Excellence

UNSW provides a variety of scholarships, prizes, and awards to recognise student excellence and encourage potential. We offer a range of scholarships for domestic and international students, high school leavers, current students, postgraduate and postgraduate research students. There are many opportunities that are specific to your study in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.  

All of our scholarships reward excellence, encourage international mobility, diversity and equity. We help students with their professional development and provide the financial assistance to help them achieve their potential. 

View UNSW Scholarships to discover whether you’re eligible and how to submit applications.

We've also developed a new suite of scholarships for students willing to join the Faculty of Arts, Architecture and Design (working title), with more information available here

NCP India Immersion Program

UNSW Arts and Social Sciences has been awarded 11 New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarships for a three-week summer intensive India Immersion Program on ‘Politics, Society and Foreign Policy’ at Jindal Global University (JGU), India from 8 - 26 January 2020.

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Prizes & Awards

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences offers several prizes to acknowledge academic achievement during your studies at UNSW. Browse the UNSW Prizes to determine which Arts & Social Sciences prizes you may be eligible for.

We celebrate academic achievement at the annual UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Awards Ceremony where students receive public recognition for the prizes, awards, and scholarships they have received.  

Discover the FASS Explorer Award with past winner Sabreen Hussain.

Arts & Social Sciences Donors

On behalf of everyone at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, we would like to thank all our scholarship donors for their ongoing support. As a donor you have the power to make immediate and lasting impact on the lives of our students. If you are interested in supporting UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, please visit Giving for more information.

Recognising academic excellence in the Arts & Social Sciences

The Dean’s List is an opportunity to honour our top achieving students by recognising academic excellence within UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

From 2020 all undergraduate and postgraduate students who are enrolled in a Program offered by Arts & Social Sciences will be eligible for the inclusion on the Dean’s List if you have:

  1. completed at least 18 UoC towards the Arts & Social Sciences Program within the immediate past calendar year; and
  2. have at least 12 UoC of which are Arts & Social Sciences courses.

You will be included on the Dean’s List if you are eligible and have met the criterion of a WAM of 85 or higher for Arts & Social Sciences courses within the immediate past calendar year.

This achievement is officially acknowledged on your University transcript. Attaining the necessary results to be on the Dean’s List is a particularly significant achievement for Humanities and Social Sciences students, given the style of study and assessment in our disciplines. UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is proud to acknowledge those students who excel in all their courses.

The Dean’s List is an opportunity to honour our top achieving students by recognising academic excellence within UNSW Arts & Social Sciences. Congratulations to all students on your achievements.

Dean's List Recipients