About Us

Welcome to UNSW Arts & Social Sciences 


We are a group of students, academics and professionals from across the world and from all backgrounds and cultures. Our connection is our inquisitive minds and a commitment to working together to tackle society’s most pressing social, cultural, political and environmental problems.

The best solutions to the big challenges facing the world are going to come from diverse teams who can help us think about problems from all possible angles. We need social scientists, historians, linguists – all humanities scholars – to contribute to solutions that are going to make our society, our culture and our world a better and safer place. This why we work inclusively and collaboratively within the School, across the University, and with our local and international partners.

The research we do and the education we offer impacts local and global debates. Whether it be housing policy in Sydney, Chinese philosophy, Korean political economy, Australian Indigenous history, school students with disabilities, internet misogyny, or the causes and consequences of wars, we are ready for the challenge. 

We’d love you to join us.

Professor Claire Annesley
Dean of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney