Research Areas

Our research brings attention to care relationships, the labour and tasks of care, the distribution of care between family, community, market and state, and the impact, benefits and costs of care.

For over 10 years, SPRC researchers have worked collaboratively with the Chinese government, local authorities and communities, researchers, not-for-profits, civil society and other key organisations to conduct research to inform the development of effective evidence-based social policy.

We engage with researchers with disability, and other disability researchers as principals in research, to promote the inclusion of people with disability in research work, research training, and other events.

Drug policy, drug use and drug harms are dynamic: we do not have a set view of what drug policy should be – rather the key goal is to help generate effective drug policy based on the best research findings. 

We investigate the extent and impact of inequality and poverty.  

Our researchers conduct national and international comparative analyses of labour market, income support, taxation and pension policies and their social outcomes. 

Accessible reports are documents that are created in a way that makes them understandable to people with differing physical and intellectual abilities.