Effectiveness of supported living in relation to shared accommodation

Past project

The research for the Disability Policy and Research Working Group informs improved access to housing for people with disabilities with high support needs and innovative accommodation models for people with disabilities requiring 24-hour care. The research included quantitative analysis and modelling, literature and document reviews, interviews with people with disabilities and relevant organisations, observation, case studies and cost effectiveness analysis.

Funding Agency

Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Non-Staff Involved

Sarah Parker, Ofir Thaler and Peter Abelson (formerly SPRC)

Sally Robinson and Edwina Pickering (Disability Studies and Research Institute)

Bill Randolph (City Futures, UNSW)


Effectiveness of Supported Living in Relation to Shared Accommodation (report for Disability Policy and Research Working Group) (PDF) [652 Kb]

Fisher, K.R. and Purcal, C. (2010), ‘Effective personalised housing support for people with disabilities – case study analysis,’ Australian Journal of Social Issues, 45(4): 527-42.

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Fisher, K.R., Parker, S. and Purcal, C. (2009), ‘Measuring the effectiveness of new approaches to housing support policy for persons with disabilities’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, 68(3):319-32.

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