Disability Employment and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This project is a comparative analysis of labour market exclusion of people with disability in Australia and China.

The research question is, What prevents people with disability in Australia and China from gaining employment in the digital age? It is background research to test the hypothesis that people who are excluded from paid work and formal economy are more likely to take up new opportunities in the informal sector and increase economic participation in the digital economy. It uses secondary datasets that will reveal the patterns of greatest exclusion by location and intersectionality. The project is in partnership with People with Disability Australia, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Prof Xiaoyi Zhang and her collaboration with the Disabled Persons’ Federation).

It will include a systematic literature review in English and Chinese about the link between the barriers to the employment of people with disability and the ways digital employment may address them. It will prioritise datasets including national statistics, household survey and census data in Australia and in China. It will include a workshop in Sydney with collaborators from China and Australia to establish the analytical framework and modeling. The research is co-designed with the DPOs and people with disability and families through the UNSW Community Reference Panel.

Funding Agency

Disability Innovation Institute UNSW

Non-Staff Involved

Frances Quan Farrant, People with Disability Australia

Prof Xiaoyi Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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