Sigi Jottkandt

Senior Lecturer

Dr Sigi Jöttkandt is a senior lecturer in the School of the Arts and Media in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW. Dr Jöttkandt’s research interests are in 19th and 20th Century British and American Literature (especially Henry James and Vladimir Nabokov); Lacanian psychoanalysis; and contemporary French philosophy.

Sole-authored Books

Acting Beautifully: Henry James and the Ethical Aesthetic. SUNY Press, 2005.

First Love: A Phenomenology of the One: Beckett, Turgenev, Clare, Welty, Kierkegaard., 2010.

Edited Collections

Penumbra: Counter-memories of the Present. Ed. Sigi Jottkandt and Joan Copjec. 2013.

The Catastrophic Imperative: Time, Subjectivity, Memory in Contemporary Thought. Ed. Dominiek Hoens, Sigi Jottkandt and Gert Buelens. Palgrave, 2009.


'Topographies of a Cinematic City', symplokē 22(1-2):181-199 Jan 2014

'The Cornered Object of Psychoanalysis: Las Meninas, Jacques Lacan, Henry James,' Continental Philosophy Review 46.2 (Aug 2013):291-309

'A kot Anna: Prva ljubezen Samuela Becketta,' Problemi 3-4 (2012): 51-75.

Splitting the Difference: Aesthetic Relations in Henry James and Leo Bersani’, The Henry James Review 32 (2011): 235-241.

‘Signifier and Letter in Kierkegaard and Lacan’ Umbr(a): a journal of the unconscious: Writing (2010).

Hate’s Rebate, Or Love’s Largesse: Back to Back on “The Bench of Desolation.”’ The Henry James E-Journal 9 (Feb. 2006).

‘The Cryogenic Signifier: the Ethics of Obsessional Hatred in Henry James’s “The Bench of Desolation,”’ Journal for Lacanian Studies 4.2 (2006): 193-213.

‘Effectively Equivalent: Walter Pater, “Sebastian van Storck,” and the Ethics of Metaphor,’ Nineteenth-Century Literature 60.2 (2005): 163-98.

‘Brothers of the Veil: On the Military Family Romance,’ Umbr(a): a journal of the unconscious: War (2004): 131-39.

‘Portrait of an Act: Aesthetics and Ethics in The Portrait of a Lady,’ The Henry James Review 25.1 (2004): 67-86.

‘The Narcissism of Small Differences: On Beckett’s First Love,’ (a): the journal of culture and the unconscious 3.1-2 (2003): 117-26.

‘Language Poetry in the Academy,’ (as Sigi Curnow), Meanjin 4 (1992): 102-6.

Chapters in Books

'Sex, the Signifier and the Smallest Whole Number; in Sex and Nothing, ed. Alejandro Ruejo, (Karnac Books, forthcoming)

The Perambulatory Process: Eros, Wit and Society-testing in Henry James's "The Chaperon"', in Manya Steinkoler and Patricia Gherovici eds. Lacan, Psychoanalysis and Comedy ed. (forthcoming Cambridge University Press)

'No Two without Three: Badiou, Lacan, Kierkegaard,' in Kierkegaard and Political Theory: Religion, Aesthetics, Politics and the Intervention of the Single Individual. Editors: Avanessian A, Wennerscheid S. 221-237. Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2014

'Signifier and Letter in Kierkegaard and Lacan', in Penumbra. 265-278

Love’ in Alain Badiou, Key Concepts, ed. A.J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens (London: Acumen, 2010) 95-104.

Truth, Knowledge and Homeopathic Magic in The Golden Bowl’ in Blackwell’s Companion to Henry James, ed. Greg Zacharias (Oxford: Blackwell, 2009) 176-192.

Forfeits and Comparisons: Turgenev’s “First Love”’ in Lacan: the Silent Partners, ed. Slavoj Žižek (London: Verso, 2006) 270-287 (also translated into Spanish and Dutch)

Participant in a Partnership Grant, Canadian SSHRC, 'Immediations: Art, Media and Event' (Principal Researchers Professors Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, Concordia, Montreal, Canada).  $CAD2.9million

Previous grants held

  • 'Living Books About Life' (with Gary Hall, Coventry University and Joanna Zylinska Goldsmiths College, UK) JISC, UK
  • Literary Ethics', (with Gert Buelens and Ortwin de Graef) Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, Belgium


Open Humanities Press, co-Founding Director and board member, 2008-

S: Journal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique, co-founding editor, 2006-

Henry James, the long 19thC century, European literature in translation, continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, digital humanities, new forms of scholarly communications.

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