Jodi Brooks

Senior Lecturer, Film Studies
Senior Lecturer

I began teaching Film Studies at UNSW in 1997 when I joined what was then the School of Theatre and Film. Prior to taking up this position I had been a Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne (1994-1997) and a Lecturer in Screen Studies at the University of Technology (1991-1994). In 1996 I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Davis, where I taught courses in both the gender studies and critical theory programs. I have always been interested in finding new ways of teaching and understanding our evolving screen culture and its diverse forms and histories. When I took up a position at UNSW in 1997 it was because it had one of the largest and longest running Film Studies programs in the country and so offered an ideal "home" for someone passionate about Film Studies. Over the last two decades Film Studies at UNSW has expanded and evolved in exciting ways. Alongside my research and teaching I have also been involved in curating film programs, worked in community media organisations, served on advisory committees and panels for various organisations including the National Library of Australia's Film and Video Collection and the Sydney International Film Festival, and was one of the co-founders of the Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.


recently published:

Jodi Brooks (2019) Olive Kitteridge (Lisa Cholodenko, 2014), quality television and difficult women: female discontent in the age of binge-viewing, Feminist Media Studies, 19:7, 944-961



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Jodi's research and teaching have been recognised through the following awards:

  • FASS Dean's Learning & Teaching Award (2014) for Outstanding Track Record in Higher Degree Research Supervision.
  • ARC Postgraduate Council Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision Award (2014)
  • Screen (Oxford University Press) Award for Excellence in Screen Studies (UK, 2002) for the essay "Ghosting the Machine: the sounds of tap and the sounds of film" Screen 44.4.
  • Humanities Research Program Dissertation Award, 1998, University of New South Wales for thesis: Benjamin for Girls: Cinema, Spectatorship, Fascination”

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