#UNSWFromHome Events Recordings

The #UNSWfromhome Conversation Series consist of online conversations showcasing our academics and their areas of specialisation, covering themes and issues relevant to navigating the Coronavirus crisis, and beyond. These digital events are aimed at providing meaningful content to the broader UNSW community.

Conversation Series 1

The first series was developed with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Conversation Series 1, Event 1 is with Professor Timothy O’Leary, on Cultivating Happiness in Times of Crisis: What Can Philosophy Teach Us?

Conversation Series 1, Event 2 is with Professor Alison Bashford, on What has History Taught Us about Pandemics?

Conversation Series 1, Event 3 is with Dr Amy Graham, on Growing Up Digitally - A Guide for Parents

Conversation Series 1, Event 4 is with Dr Sophie Lewis, on Relationships - Emotional Proximity in Times of Social Distancing

Conversation Series 2

The second series was developed with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Art and Design and the Faculty of Built Environment as they come into one to make the Faculty of Arts, Architecture and Design (working title)

Conversation Series 2, Event 1 is with the Director of Urban Possible, Sean Choo (M. Arch '09) and UNSW academics, Scientia Professor Andrew Martin and Associate Professor Lizzie Muller discussing the topic Arts Graduates & Creatives | The innovators and change makers leading our future

Conversation Series 2, Event 2 is with Yuwaya Ngarra-li Project Manager, Peta MacGillivray (BA, LLB '11), and UNSW academics, Scientia Professor Jill Bennett and Professor David Sanderson, discussing the topic The Arts, Mental Health and Resilience

Conversation Series 2, Event 3 is with UNSW academic Associate Professor Tema MilsteinAssociate Architect Craig Kerslake (BA '95, B. Arch '06) and Creative Director Mark McClelland (Grad Cert '13), discussing the topic What is Ecocentrism and can it save us?

Conversation Series 2, Event 4 is with UNSW academics Professor Mari Velonaki (BFA ’99, PhD ’03), Associate Professor Matthias Haeusler and Founder and Director of Lord of the Trees, Aymeric Maudous (MEM '07) , discussing the topic Digital Humanities | A Human Centred Approach to the Use of Technology



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These conversation series are part of FASS' #60yearsofdifference.