Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics

The UNSW Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics is a three-year, full-time degree that will prepare you to effect global, social change. This degree draws together the three critical yet varied academic disciplines. UNSW is the only university in Sydney and one of a handful in Australia to offer this exciting degree that examines current global concerns. 

Contemporary social issues, global trends and professional demands were all considered by leading UNSW academics from three separate Faculties. We leveraged a strong educational basis across politics, philosophy and economics to ensure our graduates remain adaptable in an ever-changing professional landscape. 

A Degree Like No Other  

The UNSW Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics is unique in its continued interdisciplinary learning focus. You’ll be exposed to a core study component throughout the entirety of the degree, providing you with the ability to intertwine theory from the disciplines of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. The political, diplomatic and commercial leaders of today and the future are reliant on the fundamental concepts of all three disciplines and most importantly how they relate to each other as they navigate the complexities of the world.  

This degree is taught by leading experts from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences and UNSW Business School. You’ll learn from academics who are leaders in their fields and specialise in creating new knowledge and new forms of understanding through their teaching. The quality of teaching in this degree is augmented by the innovative, high-calibre research and industry partnerships of UNSW. 

Study Abroad 

We provide opportunities for you to engage in overseas study experiences, which are particularly relevant to students seeking careers in NGO’s, inter-governmental bodies and globally-focused organisations. As a Politics, Philosophy and Economics student, you’ll have the chance to partake in an exchange program with one of our international partner universities, which include University College Dublin and King’s College London.  

Throughout your degree, you'll make valuable local, regional and global contacts through internship opportunities. This will allow you to apply your learnings outside the classroom and in established organisations. Real-world learning and industry networking will give you a strong basis for professional advancement upon the completion of the degree. 


Students can choose from the following majors:

Your Career 

Worldwide, the UNSW Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics is a renowned degree that carries considerable recognition among organisations and employers. Graduates of Politics Philosophy and Economics degrees across the world carve successful careers in areas such as public policy, diplomacy and economic analysis. You’ll find yourself working in humanitarian groups, political parties, non-government agencies, public services and activist organisations.  

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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