Bachelor of Media in Screen & Sound Production

The UNSW Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound Production is a three-year, full-time (or six-year, part-time) degree that prepares students for a career in audiovisual production, digital production, animation, film or online games.

Our Screen and Sound Production degree is taught by leading academics in the School of the Arts & Media. Our academics are award-winning animators, filmmakers, scriptwriters, sound artists and game researchers. We'll teach you conceptual and practical production skills as well as knowledge in the history and theory of film and media.

Build Your Portfolio

The School of the Arts and Media includes a rich and diverse group of interdisciplinary programs linking students to professional work placements. You’ll learn how to work with image and sound and you’ll have the chance to expand your creative portfolio by studying festivals and exhibitions.

The Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound Production includes a variety of film subjects and electives that are exclusive to UNSW. In your first year, you’ll study core courses to give you the foundational knowledge as well as conceptual and practical production skills. You can decide to specialise in film, sound and production or choose an elective outside of the Arts & Social Sciences.

Practical Experience

You’ll gain hands-on industry experience through internships with our industry partners and create a portfolio of work that will help you secure a role in your chosen field upon completion of your degree. Our students have completed industry internships in leading television, music and sound production agencies, including Network Ten – Studio 10, SBS, Universal Music Australia, Creative Creations and Sonar Sounds.

At UNSW, you’ll have the opportunity to gain practical, industry-based experience in film and television, animation or sound through the Work Integrated Learning courses. You’ll work in our world-class facilities including a new theatre (2020) and you’ll have the chance to use advanced multimedia labs, digital video production and post-production facilities, animation and audio studios.

Your Career

Our graduates can be found in a variety of roles in contemporary film and media industries, working as film and television producers, animators, sound and music designers, digital content producers, advertising creatives and filmmakers.

When you study Screen and Sound Production at UNSW, you can gain practical experience related to your area of interest in a number of ways, through internships, electives, world-class production facilities and more.  

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What Our Students Say

Constantino Dias Mendes

“I really liked that I could study some theatre units in my UNSW degree. A few people had recommended UNSW to me, so it was an easy choice. And the right choice! I thought it was a good balance with theory and the practical study of film and television. I got two internships through UNSW and I think that they are the best things to get you a job in this industry. You get real life experience and if you’re willing to learn and work hard, people will see that and write a reference for you. When I got my job at Channel 7, I had two referees from within the industry that could actually say I’d worked with them.”

– Constantino Dias Mendes, UNSW Media Screen and Sound Production Alumni

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