Bachelor of Media in Public Relations & Advertising

The UNSW Bachelor of Media in Public Relations and Advertising is a three-year, full-time (or six-year, part-time) degree that combines public relations and advertising with in-depth study of media, the humanities and social sciences. Public relations and advertising affect society in profound ways. They fund the media we enjoy; they influence what we buy and even the ways we think, behave and live.

This degree will provide you with detailed knowledge of public relations and advertising practices, outlining how they have risen to a position of prominence. We’ll also give you practical and strategic communication skills that will help you to navigate a complex media environment.  

Enhance Your Skills

Our academics will equip you with skills in areas such as strategic communication, campaign development, crisis communication, branding, media relations and digital communication. The Bachelor of Media in Public Relations and Advertising will teach you how to represent and support the interests of companies (for-profit or not-for-profit), government agencies, individual clients and brands. You’ll explore creativity, strategy, ethics, and social engagement through the lens of public relations and advertising.

Our academics boast a wide array of relevant practical skills and research expertise, gained from years of experience working and researching in industry. They will challenge and develop you throughout your study. You’ll learn how to build the reputation of brands, companies, governments, agencies, and develop key communication skills and creative thinking needed to survive in an evolving media landscape.

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Your Career

When you study a Bachelor of Media in Public Relations and Advertising, in addition to the core courses, you can also choose from various electives that will help you specialise in specific areas of public relations such as political communication.

Enhance your abilities further by enrolling in a minor specialisation such as politics and international relations for a career in government, or a modern language to globalise your skills. You can also follow your passion for communication by selecting film studies, English or creative writing.

Our graduates can be found working in a variety of media industries including roles such as: 

  • Public Relations Consultant 
  • Advertising Strategist 
  • Advertising Creative 
  • Community Relations Adviser 
  • Corporate Affairs Executive 
  • Client Account Executive 
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Digital Communications Coordinator 
  • Media / Government Relations Adviser 
  • Communications Officer 
  • Media Advocacy Consultant 

What Our Students Say

"My media courses have definitely instilled confidence in me and taught me how to communicate correctly in the media sphere. Specific courses taught me the skill of writing a media/press release which was crucial to my role as a publicist."

- Claire Keenan, UNSW Media in Communication and Journalism alumn

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