Bachelor of International Studies

The Bachelor of International Studies is a four-year full-time degree that challenges you to examine how the world is changing around you. You’ll develop lateral and critical thinking skills, which are essential for understanding the complexities of local and global environments.

In this degree, you’ll explore contemporary global issues from a variety of different perspectives. Our academics will not only teach you theories about how the international system works, but also teach you about how to solve problems through weekly crisis simulations where you work with small groups to create change.

Awaken Your Curiosity

Students of International Studies are often natural diplomats, some have a gift for languages, but all have a heightened curiosity about the world. By your third year, you’ll live and learn on exchange by plunging headfirst into local language and customs.

Studying a Bachelor of International Studies degree will allow you to master your presentation techniques, language proficiency, intellectual flexibility and interpersonal skills. It will give you an opportunity to enhance your global engagement as well as provide benefits in regards to careers, internships and professional networking events. This knowledge will enable you to analyse the shifting forces of sovereignty, nationalism, conflict, humanitarian aid and movements of people across borders and the globe.

Love What You Do

Your Career

Be challenged by the dynamics of global and regional change, explore key developments in international politics and economics and evaluate why the world is changing around us. The Bachelor of International Studies satisfies a growing demand for graduates who are highly skilled, well-informed about the world around them and equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global environment.

Our graduates work in UN and intelligence agencies, international economic organisations such as the OECD, International environment and climate organisations, humanitarian aid, human rights, international development, foreign affairs, journalism, tourism and international trade. 

What Our Academics Say

"The Bachelor of International Studies Program at UNSW is proud of creating a diverse student body that engages students from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We send our students to over 300 partner organisations across the globe for academic exchange and to experience other life in other countries. Our goal is not just to teach you about the world, but to immerse you in ways to understand it better and to create change for good. Careers in international studies are flourishing due to the momentous changes that are now sweeping the world. Today, our students are working in Government, NGOs involved in aid, development and migration, the United Nations and major institutions such as the OECD in Paris”.

 Anne Bartlett, Associate Professor and Convenor, International Studies

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