Master of Teaching (Secondary)

The UNSW Master of Teaching (Secondary) is a full-time postgraduate degree that fast tracks graduates to employment as Secondary School teachers. This is an accelerated teaching degree, which includes practical in-school experience. After 1.3 years of full-time study, you’ll be eligible for employment as a Secondary School Teacher.  

At UNSW, we specialise in educational research and teacher education, with a focus on Secondary and Higher Education contexts. Our Secondary Teaching postgraduate degree is uniquely designed to provide a nationally accredited preservice teaching qualification, and support as you transition into your first year of teaching. 

From Theory to Practice 

You’ll learn innovative teaching methods that link practice with theory. The degree is founded on in-school experience and learning in practice with ongoing support from experienced UNSW academics. The theoretical concepts you learn in your courses are applied directly to the classroom in this unique site-based degree. 

Students in the Master of Teaching degree benefit from our strong ties to the Education sector. UNSW is a valued partner to industry, community and government organisations, domestically and internationally. We maintain close links with leading public and private schools in Australia and internationally and are the only university to have a formal partnership with the NSW Association of Independent Schools. 

UNSW School of Education is a preferred provider of professional development and training for the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). The UNSW Master of Teaching (Secondary) is also recognised as a formal teaching qualification in school in Australia and widely accepted internationally. 

You can find more information on the Master of Teaching (Secondary) in our Information Pack.

Your Career 

This Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree will enhance your career options and professional advancement within a broad range of educational institutions. Our graduates work as secondary school teachers or as education professionals in other areas related to education and training. Many graduates also progress into specialist fields of education by developing and extending their understanding of a critical area of knowledge.

What Our Students Say


"The Master of Teaching (Secondary) course was quite intensive, very good at imparting foundational knowledge, and excellent at getting us out into schools and observing the daily work of teaching from the outset. The internship opportunities were also fantastic. It connected me directly with my first job through the internship programme as I was offered a contract at Fort Street High School while finishing my degree. Besides that, I was inspired by my History Method teachers and have continued to draw on the excellent courses on motivation, how people learn, assessment and feedback, and gifted education."

- Gregor Macfie - M Teaching (Secondary)

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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