Master of Public Policy & Governance

The UNSW Master of Public Policy and Governance applies a social science perspective to real-world questions of policy, research and management in modern organisations. We prepare you for roles that require research and analytical skills and a practical appreciation of the processes of policymaking and implementation.

This degree helps you to develop the skills and perspectives needed for the assessment, evaluation, and sensitivity of public policy. You’ll explore the impacts research, public policy and governance have on clients, customers and the public.

Follow Your Passion

Master of Public Policy and Governance is grounded in real-world experience. As a student of this degree, you’ll have the opportunity to write either a research report or a minor dissertation, on a topic of your choosing. We give you the flexibility to choose research topics that pique your interest.

Our academics have extensive experience working on key policy issues and are research methods experts, which give our graduates a competitive advantage. They are thought leaders in a range of diverse fields from welfare-to-work, environmental policy to refugee rights. Just like you, they’re passionate about a range of important and contemporary policy issues including refugees, animal welfare, gendered violence, environmental policy and much more.


This program is structured to acknowledge and recognise the skills that individuals bring to their postgraduate education. More experienced students can undertake a streamlined degree while students with less professional experience will study for the full 2 years.

The program includes three different streams to choose from including: 

Public Policy & Governance A – 1 year stream

Public Policy & Governance B – 1.7 year stream

Public Policy & Governance C – 2 year stream

Your Career

Graduates of Master of Public Policy and Governance at UNSW work across all areas of the sector. They have skills to work nationally and internationally as policymakers, researchers and advocates. Our graduates gain employment in government, non-profit organisations and private enterprises including:

  • Department of Climate Change
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Social Policy Research Centre
  • Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia, Canada
  • Queensland Department of Mines and Energy
  • British Virgin Islands Cabinet Office

What Our Academics Say

"Policy enters every field of practice, and with rising expectations of sophisticated, evidence-based policy, there is a need for well-trained policy analysts and researchers in government, business, and social and political organisations".

- Jan Breckenridge, Head of the School of Social Sciences


You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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