Master of International Relations

The UNSW Masters of International Relations recognises the complexity and the globalised nature of today’s world. This degree was designed by UNSW, one of Australia’s top-ranking universities, and focuses on understanding the theories and issues in contemporary world politics. Together, we explore areas such as international security, great-power rivalry, regional conflicts, nuclear proliferation, global environmental politics, civil conflict and terrorism, human rights, gender politics, international political economy, development and other pressing international issues.

We examine the way that concepts and theories in international relations shape our view of the world. The degree is specifically designed to advance your understanding of global politics and foreign policy. We equip graduates to work in a variety of sectors from NGO’s to Government Organisations and Multinational Corporations.

Learn from the Best

As an international relations student, you’ll learn from leading academics, recognised for their research and teaching excellence. Our academics bring theoretical knowledge and real-world experience into the classroom and are recognised in areas including international law, political economy, international security studies, foreign policy, regional studies, history and gender studies.


This program is structured to acknowledge and recognise the skills that individuals bring to their postgraduate education. More experienced students can undertake a streamlined degree while students with less professional experience will study for the full 2 years.

The program includes three different streams to choose from including: 

International Relations A – 1 year stream

International Relations B – 1.7 year stream

International Relations C – 2 year stream

Your Career

Depending on your level of experience, the degree can either undertake a streamlined one-year of full-time enrolment (or part-time equivalent), 1.5-years of full-time enrolment (or part-time equivalent) or two-years of full-time enrolment (or part-time equivalent).

Upon completion of a UNSW Master of International Relations, you’ll be able to analyse world affairs and explore the many issues raised by the rapidly changing nature of world politics. You’ll do this through the advanced skills gained through your degree, enabling you to play a role in International Development and Relations.

What Our Students Say

Ben Doherty

“Postgraduate study at UNSW has made me a better journalist. It's given me a historical, academic, and legal understanding of the issues that I write about. It's given me opportunities to travel and work overseas, opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.”

- Ben Doherty, Master of International Relations

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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