Master of Applied Linguistics

Master of Applied Linguistics at UNSW is the application of linguistic knowledge in diverse professional, educational and interdisciplinary settings. Professionals in this field solve language-related problems and help to remove barriers of cross-cultural communication.  

In this degree, you’ll apply linguistic knowledge across a range of fields, from working with migrant communities to helping others increase their opportunities within the world through language acquisition and skilled communication. 

Support Cross-Cultural Communication 

The study of linguistics has become one of the most dynamic areas of social science research in recent years. It’s applied across social psychology, international relations, climate change research, refugee studies and media studies to name a few. 

The UNSW Master of Applied Linguistics is based on the current demands of graduates as well as each student's professional ambitions. We give you the ability to incorporate your own area of interest into your study and provide training on the traditional core areas of language structure, including phonetics and phonology, grammar and meaning. 

At UNSW, we incorporate student-led learning activities such as presentations, debates, proposals, and individualised research projects into traditional study. These are all part of your professional preparation as an applied linguistics practitioner. 

Learn from the Best 

Our linguistics academics are highly qualified, active researchers. They have worked in intercultural communication, SLA, bilingualism, pragmatics and language education fields. Our students have the opportunity to learn from leaders in their field and expand their knowledge in urban settings, Indigenous contexts, language policies and their impacts on multilingual and multicultural communities. 


This program is structured to acknowledge and recognise the skills that individuals bring to their postgraduate education.

More experienced students can undertake a streamlined degree while students with less professional experience will study for the full 2 years.

Applied Linguistics A – 1 year stream

Applied Linguistics B – 1.7 year stream 

Applied Linguistics C – 2 year stream

Your Career 

This degree is designed to produce career-ready graduates. Graduates of the Master of Applied Linguistics from UNSW are in high demand in Australia and on a global scale. Our graduates have gone on to pursue careers in the field of foreign and second language education across the globe.  

We have designed this master degree to support your learning in cross-cultural communication. Our academics help shape your journey from student, right through to a Linguist and TESOL Specialist. 

What our Students Say

Carolina Genson

"I was taught by academics who are world-renowned in their field. I received the best attention from all of them – both from the academics and the administrative staff, and I was able to study in a university with top facilities, including state of the art technology that is far from our imagination in Argentina. My experience at UNSW could not have been better".

Carolina Gensen, Master of Translation alumn

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