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UNSW School of Social Sciences equips changemakers for success through innovative undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. Our innovative approach offers students multidisciplinary and sophisticated opportunities to tailor their study options to their unique aspirations.

We're renowned globally for the strength of our research and leading academics, putting the School of Social Sciences at the forefront of Social Science in Australia and beyond.

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Our innovative degrees and programs cater to every field of social science. We offer multidisciplinary and sophisticated opportunities for students to tailor their study journey to their unique aspirations. Ultimately, equipping every student with real-world and analytical tools to engage critically in the global exchange of ideas.

Our undergraduate degrees provide students with foundational knowledge in communities, politics, the economy and their interaction on human relations.  

Honours at UNSW combines features of undergraduate study and postgraduate research. Students develop their research skills and deepen their understanding in the subject area of their choice.  

Our postgraduate programs can be taken at the master, graduate diploma or graduate certificate level. Our programs are designed to prepare students for employment.  

UNSW School of Social Sciences is renowned for our active engagement in theoretical and empirical research affecting positive changes across society domestically and internationally. Our graduates occupy leading positions in research institutes and academia, finding solutions to some of the globe's most critical issues.

Our Research

Benchmarked with the highest global rating of 5 by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), our exceptional community of academics spearhead a wide range of social science subject areas.

Each year, we support an innovative and stimulating environment, which enables our School’s research and researchers to thrive. We're committed to standing among the world's leading, research-intensive universities.

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