Culturally and linguistically diverse young people and mentoring

Past project

This project focuses on young people (aged 12 to 25 years) from the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan) and mentoring. Mentoring involves the formation of a formal relationship in which one party can offer paths, connections, and networks to another party that may help them pursue opportunities and overcome disadvantages or challenges they experience. This research will identify effective practice to be considered when providing mentoring services to young people from Horn of Africa communities; culturally and linguistically diverse mentoring program model options for service providers to consider; good practice case studies of mentoring services to Horn of Africa communities; and principles to guide mentoring service delivery to young people from CALD communities. To achieve these objectives, the research will include a literature review, consultations with community agencies and government providers and focus groups with Horn of Africa young people in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Funding Agency

Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services


Sawrikar, P., Griffiths, M., and Muir K. (2008). 'Culturally and linguistically diverse young people and mentoring: the case of Horn of Africa young people in Australia (PDF) [443 Kb]' (PDF) [443 Kb]

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