Comparing the living standards of children and older people within and between nations

The research aims to contribute to our understanding of the factors that determine the living standards of children and older people and inform the policy response to population ageing. It draws on the expertise of leading national and international researchers, utilising a range of existing and new data to conduct indepth comparisons between Australia and other similar countries, and contributes to the development of an important new international database. Relevant to the national research priorities, the project will train a new generation of Australian researchers, and actively engage endusers in the research process by providing new information for policy development.

Project Type/Affiliations

Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council

Non-Staff Involved

with Jonathan Bradshaw (University of York)

Timothy Smeeding (Syracuase University)

Aya Abe (National Institute of Population and Social Security Research)

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