Research Centres

Social Policy Research Centre

The Social Policy Research Centre specialises in conducting research on all aspects of social policy. We have the strongest concentration of social policy researchers in Australia and are recognised for excellence in social policy research and engagement with other academic researchers, government and non-government policy makers and service providers, creating key knowledge partnerships.

Our policy research is situated nationally and internationally, benefitting from a broad skill base that stems from a multi-disciplinary staffing profile, consisting of economists, sociologists, political scientists, social policy experts, historians, psychologists, educationalists, public health experts and statisticians among others.

Centre for Social Research in Health

The Centre for Social Research in Health is a leading research centre specialising in the social research of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections.

We produce research that aims to positively change policy and service delivery outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Our reputation is built upon quality, made possible by experienced staff with wide-ranging expertise. We are also proud to be located in Australia’s most successful research-orientated university, an innovative, intellectual environment where our work has flourished.

Centre for Refugee Research

The Centre for Refugee Research is an interdisciplinary research and advocacy organisation.

Established in 1999 we conduct research in national and international forced migration policy and practice. Our education and advocacy work is based on sound academic research. We adopt a human rights framework and engage principles of community development and social justice in all our work.

Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia

The Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia draws together a range of disciplinary strengths in the broad area of cultural Modernism - literary, visual, philosophical, architectural, theatrical, and musical.

We understand Modernism to be the defiant gesture of negation and liberation that overturns established ways of doing and being, and sets human thought and perception on new roads of discovery and freedom. Taking a 'long Modernism' view of cultural history we foster innovative research and collaborations. Our aim is to build a national, regional, and international profile for Modernism studies here at UNSW, and to provide a beachhead for global Modernism studies on Australian shores.