Australian Violence: Understanding Historical Victimisation

With violence proving to be a major national challenge and policy concern, our interdisciplinary project provides the first national-level study of historical interpersonal violence. 

We examine victimisation by analysing case-level date for ten thousand prosecutions over the lifespan of modern Australian history. This allows us to assess long-term trends in violent events and uncover their relation to historical change.

Our research draws upon each team member’s complementary expertise in historical studies, criminology and sociology. We employ quantitative and qualitative methods to assess longitudinal data, enhancing international scholarly understandings in the interdisciplinary field of violence studies.

Tracking the rise and fall of prosecuted violence, our findings test current scholarly understandings about the history of violence. It yields new insights about historical victimisation and provides critical background for understanding contemporary violence.

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council / Discovery Project (DP190100322)


Griffith University


Dr Andy Kaladelfos

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