SAM Seminar: Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)

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Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk, 2010) is one of the largest and most prolific electroacoustic ensembles worldwide. With dozens of performances in prestigious festivals and venues, CLOrk has served as a fruitful interdisciplinary research-creation platform for investigating the nature of collective improvisation, mediation, and creative process; and developing approaches for equitable, collaborative, neurodiverse co-creation. Collective performance creation requires listening to and interacting with others in order to create a cohesive performance. However, musical and other temporal expressions also involve a sense of agency, which may be perceived most prominently when individuals take momentary creative leadership roles in which they act to destabilize the sense of cohesion (either to rejuvenate it or to catalyze change). In this lecture I will demonstrate and discuss various strategies (and potential obstacles) for engendering a sense of cohesion, momentum, and destabilization within the orchestra’s collective sound; and for equitable co-creation among performers of all skill levels and artistic practices. 

Dr. Eldad Tsabary is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Electroacoustic Studies in Concordia University’s Department of Music. He is founder and director of Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) and has been president of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) from 2013-2019. His main areas of expertise are in the domain of sound studies—specifically (1) sonic aural training and (2) live electroacoustic performance.

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