Duets: Sound Lab Live

abstract image of two cats making sound waves


This year, Sound Lab (Live) presents new electroacoustic pairings: live coding and Ableton Live, Fairlight CMI and electric guitar, one Buchla Music Easel and two pairs of hands, DSI Prophet and voice, bass guitar and modular synth, Diskclavier and tabla. All original works, made in collaboration and accompanied with live VJing and projection mapping.


Sophie Gordon (SA Laptop - Sonic Pi) & Matt Jenkin (Mic, Push, Electric Guitar)

Lachlan McWhirter  (Vocoder, Fairlight, Grandmother) & Manuel Diewald (Electric Guitar, Line6 Pod)

Patronella Younan & Jordan Bowling (Buchla, Mic) & Benjamin Zhu (Alpha Juno, SK20)

Taite Moir (Voice, Mic) & Nicholas Liu (DSI Prophet)

Liam Hillier & Oliver Ashby (Midi Keyboard, Modular Synth, Looping Pedal, Bass Guitar, Mic)

Anya Nikoliouk (VJ’ing)

Kieran Bird & Elijah Agoo (Ableton, Launchpad, and a midi controller or two)

Lavan Subenthiran & Nicholas Wallace (Guitar, Disklavier, Effect Pedals, Contact Mics, VST plugins, Mridangam, Tabla, and possibly a Laser Harp)


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