Children and Youth Research Network


The Children and Youth Research Network is a university-wide research network with members from the Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Built Environment and STEMM disciplines. They are united by their interest and commitment to enhancing the lives of children and young people through their work.

The central aims of CYRN:

  1. Strengthen the reach of our research for the benefit of children and young people.
  2. Establish an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange network which functions as a resource for interdisciplinary research and for productive partnerships with industry, government and community.


1. Promote research and enhance teaching.

  • Showcase UNSW research and create connections which improve the reach of our research and add value to our teaching

2. Facilitate connections and partnerships.

  • Establish interdisciplinary partnerships which enhance our research capacity, inform policy and contribute to practice

3. Advocate for the wellbeing of children and young people.

  • Cultivate expert champions who can advocate from informed perspectives on behalf of children and young people in projects and processes which affect their lives

Activities and Events

Network Meetings

In 2018 a new series of network meetings was launched. This series is for the benefit of our internal network. Up to four of these meetings will be held a year. Key thinkers from different sectors will be invited to lead our discussion each time.

February meeting: The NSW Advocate for Children and Young People, Andrew Johnson was invited to the lead the discussion. He spoke about the work of the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People, key priorities identified from children and young people’s perspectives and the development of the NSW Strategic Plan. UNSW staff can read more on Inside UNSW.

CYRN February Meeting

CYRN members at the February 2018 meeting

July meeting: The CEO of Youth Action, Katie Acheson spoke about the work of Youth Action which is the peak body for young people and youth services in NSW.

Showcasing CYRN Research and Partnerships

The second seminar series to be launched in 2018 is a series showcasing the work of UNSW researchers. The aim of this series is to familiarise potential research partners with the areas of work currently in focus within the CYRN group, with the intention of fostering knowledge exchange and creating an open conversation towards future partnerships. The first of these will be held 20 September 2018


Member Network

UNSW Arts and Social Sciences

UNSW Built Environment

UNSW Business

UNSW Canberra


UNSW Medicine

UNSW Science

External Affiliates

CYRN welcomes partnership with any organisation or agency who is also working in the area of children and youth services, research, policy or practice.


  • Delivering early intervention for child antisocial behaviours in the schools. Here’s a link to the video featuring the work: AMP Tomorrows Foundation Grant. Contact: Eva Kimonis
  • Queer generations: Belonging and sexual citizenship among gender and sexual minority youth. [The 'Queer Generations' Study: ARC Discovery Project DP150101292] CSRH, UWA, Deakin, ANU.
  • Critical Perspectives on Serodiscordance in Family Life. [The 'my health, our family' study: ARC Discovery Project DP160100134]. CSRH and SPRC.
  • Street University Evaluation. This project evaluates the impact of the unique and innovative Street University youth development program for marginalised young people aged 12-25 years, established and administered by the Ted Noffs Foundation.
  • Positive life pathways for vulnerable adolescents: the role of a life management approach. This project examines outcomes for young people who have participated in the Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM) operated by The Ted Noffs Foundation, compared with similar young people who have not completed such a program who are in early contact with the criminal justice system and have drug and alcohol issues and the role of such programs in different outcomes and pathways.
  • Fostering the sexual well-being of Aboriginal young people by building on social, cultural and personal strengths. This ARC-funded project uses a strengths-based approach to examine how Aboriginal young people draw on social, cultural and personal resources to build their sexual well-being. Contact: Joanne Bryant
  • Bolstering mandatory reporters’ response decision making to child maltreatment situations. This project draws on behavioural science insights to bolster mandatory reporters’ ability to accurately identify and engage in appropriate responses to child maltreatment. Contact: Annalese Bolton
  • Treatment of callous unemotional states. This research focuses on translating basic science research to improve treatment outcomes for children with conduct problems.



For further information about the Children and Youth Research Network (CYRN) please contact Dr Kate Bishop.

Dr Kate Bishop
Convenor, Children and Youth Research Network (CYRN) UNSW
Phone: +61 2 9385 7648