Advisory & Training Services

Two women speaking privately in an office environmentThe Gendered Violence & Work program offers tailored advisory and training services to employers who want to address the effects of domestic, family and sexual violence on their employees and organisations. These services are designed to ensure that organisational intentions and commitments are translated into effective implementation.

Training is often a key implementation activity. However, many organisations find that they require additional support to develop or adapt and introduce new policies and procedures successfully, as well as to assess their effectiveness in the workplace over the longer term.

Advisory services

Our comprehensive advisory services help employers to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate domestic, family and sexual violence policies and procedures which meet the specific needs of the organisation and their employees.

The Gendered Violence & Work program has been at the forefront of establishing the link between domestic, family and sexual violence and its effect on the workplace, and has provided advice on effective responses for organisations of various sizes across different sectors, both in Australia and internationally.

Our team has extensive experience in gendered violence, social services, organisational development, human resources and industrial relations. In addition, we ensure that our data collection and usage comply with the relevant research ethics requirements.

Training packages

The Gendered Violence & Work program’s customised training packages are designed to:

  • Increase managers’ and staff knowledge of domestic, family and sexual violence and its effects on victims and perpetrators;
  • Deepen managers’ and staff understanding of how domestic, family and sexual violence can affect the workplace, including individual employees, co-workers and the organisation; and
  • Provide managers and staff with the skills necessary to appropriately respond to disclosures and safely support employees who are victims of domestic, family and sexual violence, as well as manage employees who are perpetrators of domestic, family and sexual violence.

Our training sessions emphasise that organisational and staff responses should be appropriate to employment, legislative, policy and cultural contexts. It also provides participants with the judgement skills to balance organisational needs with individual needs.

The training packages can be delivered face to face or as a combination of face-to-face and e-learning. It is suitable for managers and staff from human resources, OH&S (occupational health and safety), WHS (workplace, health and safety), security, and other functional areas which have an active role in employee wellbeing. Train the trainer packages are also available for organisations that want to integrate training on domestic, family and sexual violence into existing internal training.