Driven by world-leading scholars pushing the boundaries of knowledge in core humanities and social sciences, researchers at UNSW Arts and Sciences strive to make the world a better place. Our unique commitment to social issues and justice helps solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Our Research Areas

Our cutting-edge research covers topics as diverse as early modern philosophy, gendered violence and the ethics of surveillance. Explore the richness of our flagship research areas below.

Our extensive Education research explores curriculum, pedagogy, motivation, cognitive development, special needs, giftedness and educational systems.

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is at the forefront of research in language studies, linguistics, translation and interpreting. We specialise in literacy, language acquisition and maintenance, theory and language, translation and interpreting, applied linguistics and educational linguistics.

Policy, Governance and Ethics delves into a combination of traditional and modern disciplines. Our strengths cover social, educational, health policy, administration and leadership, applied economics, political sciences, urban and regional planning, applied ethics, curriculum and assessment, and educational policy.

Our dynamic research covers the broad spectrum of Human Society and Culture and addresses important issues of today. Specialisations include sociology, anthropology, Indigenous studies, gender and cultural studies, human geography, demography, religion and religious studies, Australian studies, European studies, Asian studies, development and refugee studies.

Communication and Media Studies focuses on an extensive range of areas from journalism to communications and digital technologies, public relations and advertising.

Creative/Performing Arts and Literary Studies crosses a range of disciplines within UNSW Arts & Social Sciences. It incorporates dance, music, theatre/drama and performance studies, film studies, Australian and global literature, art theory and creative writing.

Social Health and Well-Being concerns the study of social work, public health, criminology, disability studies and gendered violence.

History, Philosophy and the Natural Environment draws on cross-disciplinary concepts such as historical studies philosophy, history and philosophy of specific fields, environmental humanities, environmental philosophy, and environmental ethics.

Recovering Forgotten Histories & Truth-Telling for a Better Australia

For three decades, historian Professor Grace Karskens has worked with cultural and community organisations and with Aboriginal people to transform public understandings of Australia’s early colonial and Aboriginal history. Her goal? To build a better, fairer and more unified Australia.   

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Grace Karskens
Photographer: Joy Lai

From transforming public health policy and innovating the 21st-Century classroom, to improving courtroom interpreting and helping Pacific Island states to manage climate change, our world-leading academics collaborate with key partners to change the world.

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UNSW Arts & Social Sciences scholars are world leaders in their fields, publishing several articles and books year-on-year and collaborating with some of the brightest minds from around the globe. Find the researcher with the right specialisation to supervise, support or lead your research project or higher degree research study.

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Renewable energy

Clean Energy in Asia & Beyond

Discover how leading UNSW researchers are discovering what’s driving the clean energy transition in East Asia, and how policymakers are confronting the obstacles to a new and renewable energy shift.

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Our Research Partners

Combining our research excellence with the deep knowledge of our community and industry partners, we produce ground-breaking research, redraw conventional boundaries and provoke new debates to build a better future, together.

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“Studying at UNSW Arts and Social Sciences is a fabulous experience. The HDR vibe is supportive and sharing. HDR students are like a big family from different cultures.”

- Jia-Rui (Eric) Hou on a China Council Scholarship.

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