Susan Green

Associate Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor

Susan Green is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW.

Prior to joining the School in 2010, Susan was the Director of the Nura Gili for 8 years. Nura Gili is the Indigenous Programs Centre at UNSW, which has responsibility for Indigenous Student Recruitment and Support, Indigenous Staff Strategy, Indigenous Studies and Research, and UNSW Indigenous Strategy and Policies. During Susan’s time as Director, the number of Indigenous Students at UNSW increased dramatically. The Indigenous Winter School for year 10, 11 and 12 students was established; and the number of students (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) undertaking courses (at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels) increased.

Susan’s research interests are in Aboriginal welfare, Australian history, and decolonisation.

Research Areas


Aboriginal welfare, Australian history, social work, welfare history, decolonisation


Current Research Projects


Carers and social inclusion: New frameworks, evidence and policy lessons

Patricia L Hill, Bettina Cass, Susan Green, Susan M Yeandle. ARC Linkage Project LP110100460. This project aims to improve our understanding of informal carers' social inclusion through new conceptual frameworks, geographical and longitudinal analysis and lessons from international best practice. The outcomes of the project will inform Australia policies fostering social inclusion and the social and economic wellbeing of Australian carers.


History of Aboriginal welfare in NSW

This PhD research examines how Aboriginal welfare policies were formulated and implemented within the colony of New South Wales, through an examination of key colonial documents, such as governor’s instructions, correspondence between the governor’s and the Colonial Secretaries Office, and also a number of Inquiries into the conditions of Aboriginal people that occurred prior to 1860.




Teaching areas

Social work, Aboriginal social work, socio-legal practice


Current teaching

SOCW1001 Introduction to Social Work

SOCW2007 Social Work Practice: Bridging course

SOCW2100 Aboriginal People and Social Work

SOCW3006 Socio-legal Practice

SOCW7890 Working with Aboriginal People


Affiliation and Memberships


·      Member, Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council

·      Member, Australian Association of  Social Workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Working Group

·      Chairperson, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)

·      Chair, Executive Committee, UNSW Community Development Project


Subject areas


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