Kristen Overton

Postgraduate Research Student

Thesis Title

A Sociological Study of Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in India



Nowhere is the reality and effects of AMR more obvious than in India, yet sociological research in the country is limited. This project aims to redress this imbalance by exploring the social dynamics of antimicrobials in the Indian context through ethnography and qualitative interviews with doctors, community health practitioners, pharmacists and pharmacy employees, community members, hospital regulators and pharmaceutical company employees in Hyderabad, India.

The main focus will be on gaining an understanding of how enduring and emerging inequalities, infective risk and uncertainty, labour risks and precarious work, improvisation and self-medication, and informal and formal pharmaceutical economies shape antimicrobial use in the subcontinent. By utilising a critical sociological lens we hope to better understand the social, cultural and economic drivers of antimicrobial use in India (and beyond).