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The School of Humanities and Languages is one of Australia's leading centres of teaching and research excellence in the humanities and languages. In 2019, UNSW was ranked 45 in the world for Arts and Humanities. We're also ranked in the top 51-100 universities worldwide for History, Philosophy, Modern Languages and Linguistics, providing our students with the critical skills, historical perspectives, and language proficiency needed to thrive in the contemporary world.

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We pride ourselves in equipping our students with the analytical tools to engage critically in the global exchange of ideas. Our teaching program is designed to expose you to a diverse range of cultures, histories and philosophies. Our language programs will equip you to travel, communicate, and work as a global citizen.

Our undergraduate degrees offer students the philosophical skills and historical perspectives needed in the contemporary world and are complemented by language study.

Our honours degrees combine features of both undergraduate-style study and postgraduate research, offering students the opportunity to develop research skills and a deeper understanding of the subject area of their choice.

Our postgraduate degrees in environmental management, languages and linguistics can be taken at the master, graduate diploma or graduate certificate level. We focus on helping you develop the skills necessary to participate in a changing global environment.

We're a leading Australian humanities and languages school committed to research excellence with continued success in securing research grants and funding. 

Our Research

In all our research, we're committed to producing high-quality outputs, to generating high public impact and significant social engagement, and to the idea of the Public Humanities. 

In the Excellence in Research for Australia report in 2018, we ranked as a national leader in a number of our subject areas.  

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