Arts & Social Sciences (Combined)


Combine two masters programs in one

The Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences (Combined) allows you to study a combination of postgraduate programs offered at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

By undertaking a double master's degree in arts and social sciences, you will broaden your knowledge by combining two complementary disciplines over two years of study. 

Studying a range of interdisciplinary courses will expand your existing skills and knowledge in professionally relevant areas.

Our combined master's program will enable you to sharpen your analytical thinking and research skills, providing you with an academic breadth that will set you apart from others.


The Master of Arts and Social Sciences (Combined) consists of 96 units of credit, offered in the two specified postgraduate coursework programs.

What can you study?

Your double master's degree allows you to choose a combination of any two 48 units of credit, or 1 year plans, of the postgraduate programs listed below, with the exception of those specified in the exclusion list.


The following combination is excluded:

  • Master of Development Studies in International Development / Master of Development Studies in Refugees and Displacement

Entry requirements

Students must meet the selection criteria for the 1 year plan (48 units of credit) specific to the two individual master programs chosen.


When you study a Master of Arts and Social Sciences (Combined) at UNSW, you will graduate with two Master degrees under their specialist names, for example: Master of Journalism and Communication plus a Master of International Relations.

While your career opportunities may differ based on the combination of postgraduate programs, your breadth of knowledge and advanced skills in analytical thinking and research will set you apart from other candidates.

UNSW handbook

Degree program structure and academic rules information:

Master of Arts & Social Sciences (Combined) (8224) handbook

If you are a current student, please refer to the Online Handbook in the year you commenced your degree.

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