Consent, Sexual Assault and the Law

When:19 Apr 2018, 5pm - 7pm
Venue:Central Lecture Block 5
Who:Gendered Violence Research Network

The Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) invites you to a seminar and panel discussion on Consent, Sexual Assault and the Law.

  • How is consent socially constructed?
  • Does the law around sexual consent work?
  • How do young people understand sexual consent?
  • How realistic are current legal processes around sexual consent?
  • What is the impact of alcohol and other substances on sexual consent?
  • How would people not familiar with broader Australian law and culture understand consent?

The seminar will hear from a panel of presenters:

Professor Annie Cossins, Co-convenor GVRN
Why is her behaviour still on trial?

Dr Bianca Fileborn, Lecturer Criminology
How is sexual consent negotiated in a social/cultural context that’s often highly sexualised?

Edward Bartolo, Chair Arc
What does everyday negotiation of sexual consent look like?

Remesha Abeyratne, Arts Law Student, International Student, UNSW Academic Board
What is required to navigate sexual consent across cultures?

Moderator: Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge, Co-convenor GVRN

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