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Excel in Developing Talented Students

The study of Gifted Education at UNSW allows you to gain critical skills in education, counselling, psychology, research and policymaking. Our innovative courses make use of advanced educational technologies and online delivery options. Our team of leading academics utilise the latest research findings to help students apply theoretical concepts to real-life educational contexts.  

Our courses in gifted education are actively sought out by students from around Australia and the world who wish to study in this field. Our courses have wide appeal with approximately 25% of our students based outside of Sydney.

Study Gifted Education to Make a Difference

Studying Gifted Education at UNSW allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many issues relating to the educational and related needs of high ability students. Most importantly, students will come to understand the wide range of skills that are necessary to best support these students. Our courses, which are informed by the latest research and innovative pedagogical practices focus on: 

  • Creating awareness around the nature of giftedness 
  • Identifying gifted students 
  • Underachievement 
  • Gifted education programs and provisions 
  • Curriculum differentiation and development for gifted students 
  • The socio-emotional development of gifted students
  • Creativity in gifted education

Learn from World-Class Academics Backed by World-Leading Research 

Our world-leading academics pioneer research in gifted education and you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from them. Our course material includes research articles authored and published by our academics, which are specifically relevant to the students we attract.  
Our academics are regularly consulted by policymakers including policymakers responsible for the 2019 High Potential and Gifted Education Policy (NSW Department of Education) and the 2018 Gonski Review to Achieve Educational Excellence (e.g., one of our academics was quoted in this document). We have also received numerous recognitions for our expertise in teaching.

Build a Career with Real Impact  

Studying Gifted Education at UNSW opens the door to a wide range of career options in gifted education. Our graduates have pursued careers as teachers of gifted students from preschool to high school settings, officers in government departments and education bodies, education consultants, university lecturers, researchers, policymakers and more. 

Study with Us

Our Bachelor of Education double degrees are one of only three in Australia with a compulsory unit in Gifted Education. In this unit, students develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • The nature of giftedness
  • The identification of gifted students
  • The reversal of underachievement among gifted students
  • Curriculum differentiation for gifted students
  • The development of programs and provisions for gifted students  

Students who complete one of the Bachelor of Education double degrees are well-qualified and equipped to support the educational and related needs of gifted students. Our focus on authentic learning means that students who complete our Undergraduate degrees will learn from policymakers and experienced teachers of gifted students, as well as leading academics in the field.

Our Degree Options

Admission to Honours in Gifted Education is available to students who have a Weighted Average Mark of 70% in their Education courses and the approval of the Head of the School of Education. The year-long program involves the completion of a thesis and an advanced level of coursework. Admission requires that students work closely with an academic in gifted education to develop and deliver a research project.

At UNSW, you can choose from two postgraduate programs designed for teachers who would like to specialise in the field of gifted education: 

These programs focus on contemporary issues involving gifted students that examine the development of curricula and effective teaching strategies for gifted students. These programs may be taken fully online. 

We offer our postgraduate research candidates the opportunity to undertake higher-degree research supervised by leading scholars to produce an original body of work. In the subject area of gifted education, students can choose from the following: 

Organisational units