Schedule a Mini-Certificate of Gifted Education at Your School

GERRIC is the unit responsible for delivering Gifted Education programs at the School of Education and is at the forefront of providing gifted education programs in Australia. GERRIC provides professional development programs to education departments around Australia, and to state, Catholic and independent schools. All GERRIC presenters have many years of experience and expertise in the field of gifted education. Our staff will liaise with you to deliver a program specifically tailored to meet the needs of your school staff and student population. 

GERRIC trainers visit dozens of schools each year bringing quality professional learning in gifted education to educators in their school settings. Our most popular in-service workshop is our Mini-Certificate of Gifted Education (Mini-COGE), a two-day course guaranteed to give you the background you need to begin differentiating instruction to meet the needs of your gifted students. The mini-COGE can also be undertaken on campus at UNSW.  

For further information about GERRIC professional development, or to make a booking to have a Mini-COGE delivered in your school, please contact us on (02) 9385 1972 or by email. 

What to Expect from Our In-Service Courses

Professional development is available for single staff development days, short courses or on a continuing consultancy basis. Professional development topics may include introductory topics such as: 

  • An introduction to current issues in gifted education 
  • Identification of gifted and talented students in your school 
  • Issues of equity in gifted education 

Topics of interest to teachers who already have some background in gifted education may include: 

  • Curriculum differentiation 
  • Meeting the social and emotional needs of the gifted 
  • Planning successful acceleration 

Topics for schools that have already undertaken significant staff development in gifted education may include: 

  • Planning and implementing a whole-school policy 
  • The teacher as counsellor 
  • Catering for the affective needs of gifted students 
  • Evaluating your school’s gifted program 
  • Planning defensible school programs for the gifted 
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