Research Areas

Our broad spectrum of research areas are specifically targeted to explore theories, ideas and knowledge that can positively affect the advancement of teaching across the globe. Led by an internationally-acclaimed research team, our exceptional researchers are actively engaged in many high-level projects in a wide range of fields within Education. View the current research areas our School is involved in and discover the impact we're making to the lives of individuals and communities in Australia and beyond.

Researchers in Curriculum and Assessment focus on investigating and teaching current issues within the field of education. We also look at how we can better support the development of quality curriculum and assessment at the individual, school and system level.

Educational Policy and Leadership engages with educational politics, policy, organisations and leadership from a critical perspective. Educational research is conducted in a wide variety of fields, from political theory to continental philosophy.

Educational Psychology explores human development and the way in which people learn, think and store knowledge. We look at motivational and individual differences within the framework of cognitive load theory.

Higher Education focuses on building knowledge, developing practical skills and investigating critical issues related to the governance, management and practice of higher education. We debate contemporary issues in theory and practice related to higher education, educational design and more.

Gifted Education is an integral part of the Gifted Education Research and Resource Centre (GERRIC), the largest gifted education research centre in the southern hemisphere. We undertake research in fields such as psychology and sociology. We aim to advance knowledge and practice on the education, learning, teaching, well-being, and development of individuals of high ability.

Language and Literacy Education, including Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), focuses on the teaching and learning of languages and literacy in both English-speaking and non-English-speaking nations and the implications for pedagogy, curriculum design and assessment and evaluation in schools, community organisations and higher education institutions.

Special and Inclusive Education looks to make a real impact on the lives of special needs children and students with learning disabilities. We delve into the underlying theories of special needs education and how to integrate special and inclusive education across a range of educational settings and contexts within the Australian classroom.

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