Matraville Education Partnership

A First-of-its-Kind to Spark a New Era in Education

An exciting new era in education is emerging in Sydney’s South-Eastern suburb of Matraville. The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership is an ongoing initiative between the UNSW School of Education and Matraville Sports High School (MSHS).  

The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership is a first-of-its-kind school-based university education program. Academics and students from UNSW work with Matraville students, teachers and the wider public to deliver a suite of educational, fun and supportive activities that are breathing new life into the school and its community.  

For more information about the partnership between Matraville and UNSW, view our infographic.

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Once known primarily for the strength of its sports program, the MSHS is now gaining recognition across Sydney for the broadening scope of its curriculum. Thanks to the growing alliance between UNSW and MSHS, new academic opportunities are emerging. 

The diversity of the MSHS student population (including one of the highest concentrations of Indigenous students of any Sydney high school and many students from non-English speaking backgrounds) is one of its greatest assets and presents a unique opportunity for UNSW teacher education students.  

Research supports the view that the best places for children to be educated are those rich in diversity, and initiatives that unite communities are the best way to raise educational outcomes. For UNSW and MSHS, the partnership is more than just an opportunity for the mutual development of their respective students; it is about education, connection and community.  

For more information about the partnership between MSHS and UNSW, view the infographic.

Extend the Student Experience

UNSW offers afterschool workshops in drama, gifted education and music. We also have a homework and tuition centre open to both primary and secondary students in the community. MSHS students also receive special opportunities to attend programs held at UNSW, through Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC), ASPIRE, the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, Nura Gili and other Schools and Centres across the university.  

We also offer ann in-school Literacy Mentoring Program that matches our education students with Matraville students who need extra support. These afterschool and in-school workshops are aimed at harnessing the existing strengths of students, building their confidence while developing vital skills in literacy, communication and creative expression. 

Enrich Initial Teacher Education 

While MSHS students benefit from a massive boost in academic opportunities, after-hours support, and resourcing, UNSW pre-service teachers also gain invaluable teaching experience. The rich diversity of the student population at MSHS is an excellent opportunity for teachers-in-training at UNSW to build their professional capacity in areas such as Indigenous education, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and gifted education.  

More than 50 UNSW pre-service teachers undertake their professional training at the school each semester, assisting teachers in classes, working directly with students during and after school and contributing to special projects.  

Enhance Teacher Professional Learning

MSHS staff and teachers at surrounding schools have access to hands-on professional learning sessions and collaborative enquiry projects organised by UNSW, to build capacity to teach diverse learners more effectively. Activities are already underway in the realms of gifted education, technology in education, culturally responsive schooling and Indigenous education.  

Engage the School Community

By integrating parents, teachers, families and the broader community into school life through a range of afterschool, evening and holiday programs, we create a flexible model for education. This model meets the immediate needs of the community, creates better academic outcomes and widens educational expectations. The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership is a collective vision for cohesion and achievement in Matraville and surrounding areas.  

The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership Advisory Committee comprises of UNSW and Department of Education staff members and influential community members who support the aims of the partnership. The committee, which meets several times per year and is chaired by UNSW Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs, has been instrumental in building the partnership’s profile, raising awareness and seeking opportunities for funding and expansion. 


  • Professor Sue Dodds, Dean, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences (Chair) 
  • Professor Kim Beswick, Head of School, UNSW School of Education 
  • Mr John Bush, Associate Director, Education, Social Ventures Australia 
  • The Honourable Dr Bob Carr, Director, Australia-China Relations Institute 
  • Mr Stanley Cowper, Alumnus, UNSW 
  • The Honourable Mr Michael Daley, MP, Member for Maroubra 
  • Professor Chris Davison, Director, UNSW Matraville Education Partnership 
  • Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW Vice-Chancellor 
  • Ms Calita Murray, Secretary, Eastern Suburbs Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group 
  • Dr Nicholas Pappas AM, Chairman, South Sydney Rabbitohs 
  • Adrian Piccoli, Former Minister for Education and Honorary Professor of Practice, UNSW School of Education 
  • Ms Susan Shelley, Director, Public Schools NSW, Botany Bay Network 
  • The Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite, MP, Federal Member for Kingsford Smith 
  • Ms Nerida Walker, Principal, Matraville High School 
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