Summer Courses

Spend your summer wisely . . .

Alternate between relaxing at the beach and adding more credits to your degree!

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences offers you the opportunity to get ahead, go beyond and catch up in your program with a diverse range of courses available for summer school.

The course content is the same as it would be in a normal semester, but the format is more intense so you can complete the course in a much shorter timeframe. Go beyond your degree by undertaking courses outside your core focus and adding breadth to your knowledge base.

Enrolment for 2016/2017 summer courses will open on 4 October for Postgraduate students and 5 October for Undergraduate students. 

For further information, please contact the Arts & Social Sciences Student Centre in Room G1 on the Ground Level of the Morven Brown Building, call (02) 9385 2289 or email

List of 2016/17 Summer Courses

Undergraduate students

The courses below will be open to all undergraduate UNSW students during the upcoming summer

ARTS2281 Ancient Egypt and Western Asia

ARTS2374 Ways of Reasoning

ARTS2458 Along the Silk Road: Conquerors, Traders and Explorers

ARTS2542 Gods, Heroines and Heroes in Greek Myth

ARTS3991 Arts and Social Sciences Capstone

EDST0306 Special Program

EDST2002 Professional Engagement

EDST2032 Critical Thinking and Education

EDST2044 Motivation in Learning and Teaching

EDST6760 Professional Experience 1

EDST6761 Professional Experience 2/Internship

HUMS2000 Arts Internship

SOCW4015 Honours Research Thesis

SRAP3006 Social Research and Policy in the Workplace

Postgraduate students

The following courses will be available to postgraduate students this forthcoming summer

EDST5130 Leadership in Action

EDST5138 Inclusive Education: Policy, Planning and Pedagogy

EDST5321 Motivation in Educational Settings

EDST5322 Scaffolding English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Learners in the Challenge Zone

EDST5431 Financial Issues in Educational Leadership

EDST5445 Workplace Leadership Development Project

EDST5448 Classroom-based Research

EDST5453 Culture, Communication and the Curriculum

EDST5457 Literature Review in Education

EDST5460 Specialist Study in Education

EDST5608 Effective Schools

EDST5803 Developing Effective Programs for Gifted Students

EDST5806 Creativity and Giftedness

EDST5888 Project

EDST6760 Professional Experience 1

EDST6761 Professional Experience 2/Internship

IEST5008 Ecosystem Management

IEST6911 Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

SOCF5107 Professional Practice Research Project

SOCW7855 Rights Based Project Design and Evaluation