Housing, Health, Hardware: rethinking policy through infrastructural inequalities

Tess Lea event

This presentation pulls on work relating to health, housing and climate change, as these map to infrastructural inequalities in regional and remote Australia. It asks us to rethink what policy is, and using case studies of how hard it is to get attention paid to effective interventions, why it is important that global abstractions like ‘better policy’ do not weaken our analyses of current challenges and emerging needs once climate change is factored in.

Tess Lea is an anthropologist who specializes in the anthropology of policy. Her fundamental interest is with issues of (dys)function: how it occurs and to what, whom and how it is ascribed. With Liam Grealy and not-for-profit Healthabitat, she coordinates the Housing for Health Incubator, an alliance of practitioners, theorists and policy shapers which aims to understand the obstacles to improved living conditions for Indigenous and other disadvantaged householders. https://www.hfhincubator.org

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