Associate Professor Cath Ellis

Associate Dean (Education)
BA (Hons), PhD, FHEA
School of the Arts & Media, Dean's Unit


+61 2 9385 7818
343, Level 3 Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


    Book Chapters

    • Ellis C, 2018, 'The practicalities of using assessment management to develop evaluative judgement', in Developing Evaluative Judgement in Higher Education: Assessment for Knowing and Producing Quality Work, pp. 127 - 135,
    • Ellis C, 2017, 'The importance of E-portfolios for effective student-facing learning analytics', in E-Portfolios in Higher Education: A Multidisciplinary Approach, pp. 35 - 49,
    • Ellis C, 2011, 'Using student assessment choice and e-assessment to achieve self-regulated learning', in Dettori G; Persico D (ed.), Fostering Self-regulated Learning Through ICT, IGI Global, pp. 89
    • Ellis C;Folley S, 2010, 'Handbook of Research on Hybrid Learning Models', in Wang FL; Fong J; Kwan R (ed.), Handbook of Research on Hybrid Learning Models, IGI Global,

    Journal articles

    • Bretag T;Harper R;Burton M;Ellis C;Newton P;van Haeringen K;Saddiqui S;Rozenberg P, 2018, 'Contract cheating and assessment design: exploring the relationship', Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education,
    • Ellis C;Bretag T;Harper R;Burton M;Newton P;Rozenburg P;Saddiqui S;van Haeringen K, 2018, 'Contract cheating: a survey of Australian university students.', Studies in Higher Education,
    • Harper R;Bretag T;Ellis C;Newton P;Rozenberg P;Saddiqui S;van Haeringen K, 2018, 'Contract cheating: a survey of Australian university staff', Studies in Higher Education, pp. 1 - 17,
    • Ellis C;Zucker IM;Randall D, 2018, 'The infernal business of contract cheating: understanding the business processes and models of academic custom writing sites', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EDUCATIONAL INTEGRITY, vol. 14,
    • Ellis C, 2013, 'Broadening the scope and increasing the usefulness of learning analytics: The case for assessment analytics', British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 44, pp. 662 - 664,
    • Ellis C, 2012, 'The possessive logic of settler?invader nations in Olympic ceremonies', Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, vol. 10, pp. 105 - 123,
    • Ellis C, 2012, 'Streamlining plagiarism detection: The role of electronic assessment management', International Journal for Educational Integrity, vol. 8, pp. 46 - 56

    Conference Papers

    • Ellis C, 2008, '‘You Can’t Do That in a Classroom!’: How Distributed Learning Can Assist in the Widespread Adoption of Hybrid Learning Strategies', in Hybrid Learning and Education, Hybrid Learning and Education, pp. 1 - 16, presented at Hybrid Learning and Education, 13 - 15 August 2008,

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