General Education Program

The General Education Program at UNSW allows undergraduate students to broaden their education by completing a number of courses from outside their Faculty. 

You will develop a well-rounded understanding of the environment in which you live and work by gaining greater exposure to cross-disciplinary thinking, developing a flexible approach and enhancing your critical analysis skills.

General Education Requirements

The basic general education requirements are the same for all students in a single degree program or a dual degree program drawn from one Faculty:

  • Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 units of credit in general education courses or equivalent from outside their home Faculty (unless otherwise entitled to exemption or special requirements)
  • The University’s general education requirements are in addition to any core course requirements associated with the program or streams within the program

Dual degree programs which are drawn from two different Faculties and dual degree programs that include the Bachelor of Education are deemed to have met the University’s general education requirements

General Education Courses

Unless your degree specifies otherwise; you must choose a course from a Faculty other than Arts & Social Sciences. If you're unsure about the general education requirements, contact our student centre: The Nucleus.