Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

The UNSW Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a five-year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) double degree designed for graduates wanting to pursue a career in secondary-school teaching and music. Upon completion of this degree, you’ll have a professional teaching qualification as well as a music degree from our leading music program.

Through the UNSW Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education (Secondary), you’ll develop in-depth knowledge in educational psychology and educational theories, pedagogy, assessment, diversity, inclusivity, indigenous perspectives and classroom management. Our academics equip students for secondary school teaching. The degree is recognised as an initial teaching qualification in both government and non-government secondary schools throughout Australia and overseas.

Pursue Your Passion

You’ll develop and expand your interests in music and teaching through classroom experience, professional learning and development. You can focus on a particular career path through online and intensive courses and flexible learning to prepare you for future roles in a variety of educational contexts.

Practical experience is a key emphasis of our education degrees. To succeed as an educator, you must be equipped for real-world scenarios. By your second year of study, you’ll develop crucial skills in the classroom as well as practical teaching experience. UNSW School of Education has strong industry partnerships that provide our pre-service teachers experience working in and observing cutting-edge programs in classrooms.

You can complete your professional experience in a variety of locations including schools in Eastern Sydney, rural and remote schools, and overseas. Upon completion of your degree, you’ll have completed up to 80 days in supervised teaching at least three secondary-school contexts.

Love What You Do

Specialise in Music

As a music student at UNSW, you can explore and develop your talents in a diverse range of musical genres, as a solo performer, as a composer, as an electronic artist and in traditional and modern ensembles. You can choose a specialist music specialisation in creative practice, pedagogy, sonic arts and musicology.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from our award-winning lecturers who have a wealth of knowledge to set you on the right path. Our partnerships with local schools, industry and government mean you’ll enjoy a unique learning experience which is intellectually stimulating and professionally engaging.

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Your Career

UNSW School of Education is at the forefront of teaching excellence and a preferred provider of professional development and training for the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). The Education program at UNSW prepares graduates to pursue a career in secondary-school teaching in New South Wales, Australia and overseas.

There are few careers where you have such a significant impact on the way future generations participate in the world. As a UNSW Bachelor of Education student, you’ll learn to stretch yourself and your students.

Our graduates have careers in areas such as:

  • Performance
  • Arranging and composing
  • Academia
  • Classroom music teaching
  • Private teaching
  • Soundtrack production
  • Audio engineering
  • Arts management
  • Sound design
  • Broadcasting
  • Music journalism 

What Our Academics Say

 “Have faith in the power of your passion for music – that will get you through so many more obstacles than you can possibly imagine.”

Dr Sandy Evans, UNSW Lecturer in Music  

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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