Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

The UNSW Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a four-year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) double degree and is designed for graduates wanting to pursue a career in secondary-school teaching. After completing the program, you’ll have a professional teaching qualification as well as an economics degree from the prestigious UNSW Business School.

The UNSW Bachelor of Education prepares graduates to pursue a career in secondary school teaching and is recognised as an initial teaching qualification in both government and non-government secondary schools throughout Australia and overseas.

Enhance Your Learning

As part of your degree, your study includes subject areas such as educational psychology and educational theories, pedagogy, assessment, diversity, inclusivity, indigenous perspectives and classroom management. 

A UNSW Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) provides you with practical classroom experience, professional learning and development and a flexible approach to your education. You can focus on a particular career path, through online courses, flexible learning and intensive courses to prepare you for a career in education in today’s varied educational settings.

Practical Experience

UNSW focuses on developing career-ready graduates with an emphasis on practical experience. By your second year of study, you’ll develop critical skills in the classroom and gain real-world experience in teaching. The UNSW School of Education has strong industry partnerships that provide our pre-service teachers experience working in and observing cutting-edge programs in classrooms. 

You can complete your professional experience in a variety of locations including schools in Eastern Sydney, rural and remote schools and overseas. Upon completion of your degree, you’ll have undertaken up to 80 days in supervised teaching at least three secondary-school contexts.

Specialise in Economics

The UNSW Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a renowned professional qualification. It equips you with analytical and statistical skills that you can apply to any business or finance role. 

This degree gives you the flexibility to study a second Economics major or an approved Commerce major, such as finance, information systems, international business, management, marketing or real-estate studies. The knowledge you obtain will enable you to become economically literate and will give you an in-depth understanding of local and global economic issues.

You’ll have the ability to specialise in economics, econometrics and financial economics as your major. After completing this combined degree, in addition to your knowledge in education, you’ll have a clear understanding of local and global economic issues required to specialise in a business, finance or policy role.

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Your Career

UNSW School of Education is at the forefront of teaching excellence and a preferred provider of professional development and training for the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Our partnerships with local schools, industry and government means that you’ll enjoy a unique learning experience which is intellectually stimulating and professionally engaging.

You’ll learn from award-winning lecturers who have the specialised expertise to equip you with the knowledge required for a successful career in various educational contexts. The Education program at UNSW prepares graduates to pursue a career in secondary-school teaching in New South Wales, Australia and overseas.

What Our Academics Say

“UNSW School of Education is world-renowned for its teaching as well as research. We’re a world-leader in our pioneering and innovative work in gifted education, and increasingly in special education and classroom management. We’re rated above international ERA standards for research output in specialist studies and overall.”

- Kim Beswick, Head of School of Education

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