Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

The UNSW Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is a four-year, full-time (or eight-year, part-time) double degree designed for graduates wanting to pursue a career in an educational and business context. After completing this double degree, you’ll have a professional teaching qualification as well as a Commerce degree from the prestigious UNSW Business School.

UNSW Business School ranks first for Accounting and Finance, and second for Business and Management studies in Australia. Worldwide, these topics rank within the Top 50 along with Economics and Econometrics, and Computer Science and Information Systems.

A Focus on Practical Learning

This double degree develops critical knowledge and skills in a number of education areas including educational psychology and educational theories, pedagogy, assessment, diversity, inclusivity, indigenous perspectives and classroom management. All our courses are intellectually stimulating, academically innovative and professionally engaging.

The Bachelor of Education component of your degree will incorporate classroom experience, professional learning and development and a flexible approach to learning. Students can focus on a particular career path, through online courses flexible learning and intensive courses. By your second year of study, you’ll develop skills in the classroom and gain practical experience in teaching.

UNSW School of Education has strong industry partnerships that add value to our teaching and provide our pre-service teachers experience working in and observing cutting-edge programs in real-world classrooms.

Studying a degree in Education at UNSW gives you the opportunity to combine this degree with either an Arts, Science, Commerce, Economics, Fine Arts, Design or Media Arts degree. Through the Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Education, you’ll understand business concepts and further develop your problem-solving capabilities.

The UNSW Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) is designed to train your mind to adapt to challenges. You'll understand business concepts and practice solving problems. Commerce courses are taught by world-leading academics at UNSW Business School.


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Your Career

The UNSW Bachelor of Education prepares graduates to pursue a career in secondary school teaching and is recognised as an initial teaching qualification in government and non-government secondary schools throughout Australia and overseas. When undertaken with a Bachelor of Commerce, graduates broaden their knowledge base and career opportunities.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education (Secondary), you’ll have the practical experience, technical know-how and the analytical skills required for a successful career that diverges from traditional career paths and spans the business and education sectors.

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