Bachelor of Arts & Business

The UNSW Bachelor of Arts and Business is the only single degree of its kind in Australia. This degree allows students to combine their passion for arts, social sciences and humanities with an understanding of business fundamentals in just three years on a full-time basis.

Our academics will equip you to think critically, creatively and strategically while gaining expertise in key areas of business studies, including marketing, management and business law. This broad knowledge and skill base will give you a unique advantage as you enter the professional world, where diverse interdisciplinary skill sets are increasingly in demand.

Learn from the Best

You'll learn from leading academics from UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture and UNSW Business. You'll gain skills in critical and creative problem solving, persuasive communication, presentation, research and human behaviour. Academics in this course help you to develop your business acumen and capacity for enterprise, initiative and creativity.

This degree combines a Major in Arts and Social Sciences subjects such as Asian studies, creative writing, history, sociology and anthropology with core business subjects such as accounting and financial management and marketing fundamentals. The wide range of study choices and the expertise of our academics will allow you to pursue a variety of career options.

Your Career

You’ll work on real-life business problems in class as well as participating in local and international internships and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities. These real-life learning experiences ensure UNSW Arts and Business graduates are experienced and career-ready.  

Graduates succeed in various careers through their understanding of business, the contemporary world, as well as human culture and society. The UNSW Bachelor of Arts and Business provides you with the tools to work in arts management, social entrepreneurship, business, consulting, management, marketing and strategy roles. Our students are equipped to succeed in their future professions through a broad education with a global perspective.

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What Our Students Say

William Christian

"When I finished school, I was hesitant to step into a degree that would pigeonhole my opportunities. I particularly liked that the Bachelor of Arts and Business presented me with the best courses from the two faculties. The business courses helped me to think strategically, while the arts courses taught me to think critically and analyse content in a very different way. It was great to wear both hats as it gave me a wide spectrum of skills to draw from when I graduated. The ability to think both critically and strategically have both been so beneficial in the workplace. It's been great to learn how to fuse both those mindsets together."

- William Christian, UNSW Bachelor of Arts and Business Alumni

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