Subject Areas

Our subject areas are designed to help you excel your career and pursue your passion in a specialised area of study. Within each subject area, we combine theoretical knowledge with practical application. This enables you to apply your learning to a real-life context, taking you out of the books and into the world.

The creative writing program at the School of the Arts and Media (SAM) will empower you to produce innovative contributions to contemporary literature and fresh, experimental writing across genres in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and ficto-criticism. 

Evaluate the criminal justice system using a practical and real-world approach. Through significant research projects, develop skills in policymaking, crime prevention, national security, law enforcement and more.

Curriculum and Assessment at UNSW focuses on investigating and teaching current issues in assessment and evaluation, and in supporting the development of quality assessment and evaluation at the individual, school and system level. 

Acquire the skills to negotiate the complexity of global development. Provide solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges from urbanisation to environmental health and from poverty to inequality.

The Educational Policy and Leadership research group engages with educational politics, policy, organisations and leadership from a broadly critical perspective. 

Educational Psychology at UNSW School of Education is one of only four educational psychology courses delivered in Australia.

UNSW English Literary Studies ranks in the world’s top 40 departments of English Literature. You’ll study with teachers and researchers who are deeply passionate about their work and believe that English is more than an academic discipline. 

Our interdisciplinary teaching and mentoring is designed to provide you with a solid foundation to fruitfully engage with contemporary and intersecting social and environmental issues.

Over its 120-year history, film has evolved from a novelty item to a medium that informs every aspect of society and contemporary life. Studying Film Studies at UNSW will help you tell stories, share human experiences, document reality, and expand perceptual horizons as an experimental art form.  

Through a major or minor in Geographical Studies at UNSW you will explore the intersection of social and environmental relationships through geography. You’ll gain the skills for jobs in urban management, environmental advocacy, regional planning, policy analysis and more.

Gifted Education is a broad field covering studies of high ability individuals, and the multiple approaches to meet the educational and related needs of these individuals. 

Higher Education at UNSW provides education professionals and academics an opportunity to study higher education at an advanced level with a leading global university. 

Studying History at UNSW exposes us to the rich worlds of other times and other places, and the ways in which change works as a great motivator of societies, economies and cultures.

Studying Interpreting and Translation Studies at UNSW School of Humanities and Languages will prepare you for a career as a professional interpreter or translator. Working as an interpreter or translator, you’ll make critical contributions to cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communication in today’s globalised society.  

By studying Languages and Cultures at UNSW, you can explore the importance of intercultural communications and the way it has become essential in daily life. 

Language and Literacy, including Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), at UNSW focuses on the teaching and learning of the English language in both English-speaking and non-English-speaking nations.  

Studying Linguistics at UNSW will enhance your linguistic repertoire and expression, improve your ability to learn other languages, and help you develop an appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity.  

Studying Media and Communications at UNSW, you’ll investigate the professional, social, cultural, political, economic and philosophical aspects of contemporary media technologies, industries and practices. 

Studying Music at the UNSW School of the Arts & Media, you’ll learn that music isn’t just an art form.

Studying Philosophy at UNSW, you’ll cover three major traditions of philosophical thought: continental European, analytic, and Chinese.

Think critically by unpacking the international politics that shape our world today. Examine politics and international relations through a contemporary and historical perspective and learn from our team of renowned thought leaders.

Study the social issues and policy interests of our community. Our academics are concerned with the forces of influence that shape specific fields such as disability, housing, development, economic and regulation.

Make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities at all levels of society. From counselling and advocacy to community work and research and policy, you’ll learn how to make a positive impact beyond the social and cultural environment.

Special and Inclusive Education at UNSW is the postgraduate study of choice for teachers looking to advance their career and make a real impact in the lives of special needs children and students with learning disabilities. 

Explore the realities, conflicts and challenges of social life by asking the big questions: ‘What makes life meaningful?’ ‘Why do we disagree, and why do we care?’ You’ll be introduced to fresh and innovative perspectives that will challenge everyday cultural assumptions.

Explore live performance in all its diversity. Be part of stage plays with professional directors, work with a team on collaborative creations, stage an action in public spaces, or create a solo for just you and the audience. Studying Theatre and Performance at UNSW will help you uncover the creativity of performance around us.  

Women’s and Gender Studies at UNSW is a vibrant, cross-disciplinary area of study that situates women, feminism, gender, sex and sexualities at the centre of academic analysis.