Master of Environmental Management

UNSW’s Master of Environmental Management will prepare you for a career that tackles our biggest ecological challenges through change-leadership and sustainability. 

In this master’s program, you’ll learn to think about environmental challenges through a number of lenses, forming a deep understanding of the socio-political influences that drive them.  In addition to the program’s key focus on conceptual tools, you will also develop experiential and practical skills to inform ethical and restorative sustainability leadership in a range of professional contexts.

Deepen Your Understanding of Environmental Issues

Today’s environmental leaders need to understand not only the ecological dimensions of environmental issues, but also the social, cultural, and structural drivers and impacts, and the complex ways in which these are connected.

The Master of Environmental Management takes a transdisciplinary approach to  examining today’s human-inclusive environmental challenges. Through studies in social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, creative arts, and community-based practices you’ll gain the skills needed to communicate complex ideas and lead transformative change.


This program is structured to acknowledge and recognise the skills individuals bring to their postgraduate education. More experienced students can undertake a streamlined degree while students with less relevant professional or educational experience study for the full 2 years.

In this regard, the program includes three different streams with full access to the program’s exciting courses:

A Career With Impact

You’ll graduate from this degree with an in-depth understanding of interrelated environment and society issues at local and global levels, the confidence and skills to rethink and reshape the world, and the ability to partner with others in reparative and regenerative ways. Our graduates work across a range of creative, challenging, and high-profile roles in environmental and sociocultural change-making in Australia and abroad. These include positions in governmental and non-governmental environmental and sustainability outreach, education, conservation, restoration, and leadership.

Shape Your Study to Suit Your Lifestyle

The program’s flexible delivery incudes interactive classes, evening seminars, experiential and field-based learning, and online components. It is designed for people from a wide range of disciplines, from environmental specialists to passionate environmental newcomers looking to develop the expertise and courage needed to make an impact. 

However you choose to shape your degree, you’ll become part of a diverse and passionate community of change-makers who will support and challenge you during your studies and beyond.

Associated Programs and Progression

UNSW also offers a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management. Completion of either of these programs with a credit average or higher, will allow you admission into the Master’s with full credit for courses already completed.

Meet our Alumni

Lord of The Trees | This is Aymeric Maudous

From little things, big things grow. After studying a Master of Environmental Management at UNSW, Aymeric Maudous founded his own company, Lord of the Trees. Aymeric uses the interdisciplinary approach he learned at UNSW to lead a business that uses drone technology to fight climate change, building a sustainable future for us all.


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