Master of Arts & Social Sciences (Combined)

The Master of Arts and Master of Social Science (Combined) at UNSW allows you to study a combination of two postgraduate degrees over two years full-time. Combining these master degrees extends your knowledge in two complementary disciplines, providing you with a broad education that meets the needs of today’s professionals. 

This double degree allows you to explore a range of study options including:

Learn from the Best 

Choosing to combine a Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences at UNSW gives you access to a global university and world-class research. UNSW Arts and Social Sciences is one of the largest faculties of its kind in Australia and ranks above world standards in research excellence. We're known for our active and engaged research community. 

Our academics are world-renowned scholars, teachers and researchers. You’ll learn from published authors, policymakers, industry leaders, cutting edge researchers and subject matter experts in a variety of fields.  

Your Career 

Upon graduation, you’ll receive two separate degrees based on your study choices, for example, a Master of Journalism and Communication plus a Master of International Relations. Graduates complete a double degree with a variety of unique and specialised course combinations based on their previous experience, career ambitions and areas of interest. 

The career outcomes and possibilities for graduates of the Master of Arts and Master of Social Sciences at UNSW are as diverse as the areas across which they study.  

What Our Students Say

The Honourable Courtney Houssos

"It was while I was at university, studying at UNSW, that I discovered that my passion could become my career. The ability to learn across so many different disciplines sets you up so well, especially in today's marketplace. I have the opportunity to affect change across a range of areas within New South Wales."

– The Honourable Courtney Houssos, MLC. UNSW Bachelor of Arts alumni

You can find more information on this degree including entry requirements on the UNSW Degree Finder.

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