Eligible prospective postgraduate research candidates who wish to apply to a research degree in UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture must submit an expression of interest to the relevant School or Centre. This allows us to complete a preliminary assessment of your application and to identify whether appropriate supervision and resources are available.

Preparing an Application

Please follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Self-Assessment

Ensure you satisfy the admission criteria (under the Determine Your Eligibility section) for your chosen research degree.

Will you need a scholarship? There are limited numbers of domestic and international scholarships which are awarded on a competitive basis. To be considered, you will need to demonstrate academic qualifications equivalent to first class Honours as well as meeting the faculty requirements described below. Find out more about UNSW Scholarships

Step 2: Find a Supervisor

You need to contact prospective supervisors to determine in advance if they are in a position to supervise your research topic. Seek out an appropriate supervisor for your chosen research topic from the relevant tools below:

School of Built Environment Find a Supervisor
Arts and Media, Education, Humanities and Languages, and Social Sciences: Find a Supervisor
School of Art and Design: Find a supervisor
UNSW Find a Researcher.

Once you have identified an appropriate supervisor, contact them by email with your research proposal. If the prospective supervisor you have contacted expresses initial interest in supervising your research proposal, then you can progress to Step 3.

Step 3: Expression of Interest

Complete the relevant Expression of Interest in Research Higher Degree Candidature form (see below). Please make sure to complete all sections of this form and then save it and email it to the relevant admissions contact in your proposed School or Centre (contacts are listed on the last page of the form). 

Download the required form for the program you are interested in:

Expression of Interest (Form here) for:


Expression of Interest (Form here) for HDR programs in the School of Art & Design

Please also refer to the Art & Design HDR proposal writing guide


Doctor of Education Expression of Interest (Form here) 

Offered to domestic students only, intake only in T1 each year


Master of Philosophy in Arts and Social Sciences EOI (Form here) 


Please email the relevant School/Centre admission team your completed EOI form, accompanied by:

  • Your Research Proposal (requirements outlined on EOI form)
  • A detailed CV which pays particular attention to your academic qualifications and whether there were any substantial independent research components in your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Your CV should also outline your record of employment.
  • Evidence that you can meet the minimum requirements for admission, including certificates of previously completed degrees, transcripts that detail your qualifications and their grades (including the research or thesis/dissertation component), as well as information on grading systems at the awarding institutions, and evidence of your English language eligibility if relevant.
  • A sample of your written work. If you have completed a thesis/dissertation, please include this. If not, please provide copies of a published research article or long-form research essay.
  • Practice-based research applicants to the School of Art & Design should provide a select portfolio that demonstrates their studio capabilities. This must be in a separate document that can include a link to an online portfolio if applicable. 
  • Proof of contact with supervisor


Submission of a completed EOI is a necessary step towards a formal application.


Next Steps

On receipt of these documents, if we're satisfied that all requirements have been met, the School/Centre will review your application to assess your eligibility and whether appropriate supervision and resources are available.  Be sure to include written agreement from your potential supervisor.

If supervision and resources are available, you'll be invited to submit a formal application.

Your formal application must include the School's invitation email as the 'proof of contact with supervisor'.

It is important to note that an invitation to apply does not constitute an offer for admission to study at UNSW.

All applicants must apply online. For detailed instructions on how to submit your application and more information on admission and scholarship deadlines, go to UNSW Research.


Timelines for assessment

We advise you to allow 4-6 weeks for your EOI to be assessed by your School.

The Graduate Research School then requires at least 8 weeks to process your formal application.

Please refer to the HDR applicant Key Dates page for relevant term start dates and scholarship round deadlines: https://research.unsw.edu.au/key-dates

NOTE: Your EOI must be approved before you can apply for Scholarship